Professor Sander Griffioen: (emeritus professor of philosophy at the FreeUniversity, Amsterdam). We had an intensive and fruitful collaboration … my essay greatly benefited from her help. She corrected mistakes and wrong constructions, and also looked at consistent use of terms and general matters of style. I am convinced that editing by native speakers is essential for authors wanting to reach beyond a Dutch audience. (Philosophia Reformata, Vol.77, 2012)

Elisabeth Timman (educator and coach, In 2010 JoAnn van Seventer translated (from Dutch into English) a workbook for “Jij bent Uniek”, a training designed to help children of ages 10,11 and 12 to discover their own qualities. Her translation captured just the right tone: directed to children but not childish. During the training the children were able to follow the text easily. Her work was accurate and quick, and our co-operation pleasurable. I can heartily recommend her.

Ruben Timman (documentary photographer, I needed to complete the images in my portfolio with captions, stories, a biography and an interview. JoAnn found just the right tone, entered into my words, my intentions. She succeeded in bringing my work to a higher level. My site is called No Words, but sometimes words are welcome, a pleasing addition, a bitter necessity. I can heartily recommend her skill and passion for language.

Fahimeh Falahi (PhD student, Medical Biology Dept., UMCG) Edition of my manuscript by JoAnn was a big help. I found that edition by a native- English speaker is very beneficial for having a reader-friendly and smooth text. It is not only a question of grammar but also of improving communication with the reader.

Agus Salim Suseno (MA student, International Law, RUG) Thank you very much for your kind assistence in editing my thesis. You were like my second supervisor even though we never met face to face.  I got an 8 for my thesis and now have my Masters in International Law.

Thanks to JoAnn I have very positive feelings about English editing of scientific manuscripts. The way she edits is easy to use. Also, she realizes when the meaning of a sentence may change too much upon editing and she will point this out. She helps in understanding how readers may look at specific sentences in an article and improves the text accordingly. She is very supportive.                              Annette Notenbomer (occupational physician and PhD student at Rijksuniversiteit Groningen)

I highly recommend JoAnn! Edition of my two manuscripts by JoAnn was very helpful and has brought my papers to a higher level. Besides helping with good translations and using correct sentences and grammar, her editing helped me to write a paper that was clear and easy to read. Lorraine Visscher, Msc, Promovenda, UMCG Health Sciences, Groningen


The edition of my manuscripts by JoAnn was  not only an improvement on grammar and correct English but also a huge improvement of readability.  Furthermore JoAnn is very accurate in the way she works and communicates. Kor Brongers, PhD student, Department of Health Sciences, University Medical Center Groningen.